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Queenelen Dechoson

Welcome to my profile!

Hi! My name is Queen and I am a 20 year old self-taught digital artist, I illustrate portraits of characters in my style or with my own personal touch. I have been drawing digitally since 2015 with an android tablet and or a mouse but in 2016, I had my first drawing tablet gifted to me by my aunt! That is when I started experimenting with what I can do and create digitally. I take great pride and passion with my Illustrations and I hope to get better and Improve everyday.  I am a Digital Animation Student in the Philippines. Commissions and your great support is what gets me by!




Feel free to skim through my latest illustrations!

commissions & information

Answers to frequently asked questions!

Commission Prices for Stylized Illustrations  

Head: 25 USD or 1200 PHP 

Bust: 30 USD or 1500 PHP

Half Body: 45 USD or 2200 PHP

Whole body: 50 USD or 2500 PHP

Additional characters are +40%

Dynamic Poses +10 USD

Backgrounds are free!

Commission Prices for Cartoon Art Styles

Head-shot: 12 USD or 600 PHP

Bust-up portraits: 17 USD or 800 PHP

Half-body: 27 USD or 1300 PHP

Whole body: 37 USD or 1800 PHP

Dynamic Pose +5 USD

Backgrounds are free!

Commission Process 

1. Details, Instructions and references photos must be sent to my email queenelennd123@gmail.com 

2.Full payment via PayPal or Gcash, whichever in these options are available to the client! 

3. Sketch and Work in Progress will be sent via Email, Reddit or Instagram. The longest turn-around time is 1-2 weeks depending on the number of characters in the Illustration! 

4. The full and final piece in jpg and png files with the modifiable file in Photoshop Document format (in which the layers can be edited and saved to your liking in the future) 

5. Late revisions is +5 USD and 24-hour turnaround time for rushed pieces is +20 USDum.


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